Yamaha / Kawai Cp Power Adaptor
  • Yamaha / Kawai Cp Power Adaptor

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CP Adaptor:

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Yamaha / Kawai Cp Power Adaptor


Yamaha Cp / Kawai EP power adaptor with or without 2 pong plug.

stabilized power 18V VDC.

Works for Cp 60-70-80, B and M series

                  Kawai 608, 308


Orginal Yamaha/Kawai psu says 12VDC, those psu's were unstabilized so the output was around 18VDC which you piano need.

Input voltage 100 ~ 240V

PSU only, without the canon plug and power cable

PSU and plug, psu complete with plug attached, no power cable included.

Plug only, 2 pong canon plug

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