Deoxit Contact Cleaner
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Deoxit Contact Cleaner


DeoxIT DN5 MINI CAIG Cleaningspray DN5S-2N

Great contact cleaner from California, the only thing, that really keeps away the crackling from pots and sockets. RECOMMENDED!     
This MINI can fits in every guitarcase or service toolbox.

Suitable for all kinds of electrical contacts including codnuctive plastic, carbon and metal.

5% solution, non-flammable, quick dry - non drip, safe on plastics, adjustable (L-M-H) valve
Contact Cleaner/Enhancer/Protector/Lubricant for Metal Electronic Connections
Dissolves oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces

Contact Cleaner & Rejuvenator - Brings Old Systems Back to Life!

We use DeoxIT D5 and other Caig products in our own service station since 2002

Adjustable atomizing pressure !!!
includes spray straw for perfect application

Caig P/N: DN5S-2N
content: 40gr, aprox.57ml    non-flammable

NOTE: this item can not ship by air (pressurized can) so only GLS

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